Who doesn't love a bowl of Halloumi fries? Well we heard your requests....and we answered with our brand new Grill! Our answer to Halloumi, but with fewer calories, 40% less fat, less than half the saturated fat and 17% less salt.
We've added a little festive twist to our Christmas Halloumi-Style fries, keeping the recipe simple and under ten minutes to complete. The spiced cranberry dip is a match made in heaven for this characteristically salty tasting cheese, the only challenge is not eating the entire bowl of these fries!

So what have we switched up?

Eatlean Grill - our answer to Halloumi! Eatlean Grill is the perfect replacement for Halloumi, containing 40% less fat than standard Halloumi, you can enjoy all of your favourite Halloumi based dishes that are usually super high in calories. From Halloumi fries and burgers to a crisp and fresh Halloumi topped Mediterranean salad.

  • Yield10 -12 Fries Average
  • Serving Size3/4 Fries
  • Energy219 cal


    • Eatlean Grill
    • 2 TSP Za'atar
    • 1 TBSP Flour
    • Cranberry Sauce
    • 1/2 TSP Cinnamon
    • 1/4 TSP Nutmeg
    • 1/4 TSP Cayenne Pepper



    Take your Eatlean Grill and chop into the shape of fries


    Prep two bowls, one with egg and one with the flour and Za’atar, and coat each of the fries in the egg then the mix


    Pop the fries into a frying pan with a little oil and fry up until golden


    In a dipping bowl add the cranberry sauce, the cinnamon, the nutmeg and the cayenne pepper and mix well


    Serve up the fries with the dip and enjoy!

    • Nutrition Facts

    • 3 servings per container
    • Serving Size3/4 Fries
    • Amount per serving
    • Calories219
    • % Daily Value*
    • Total Fat11 g14.1%
    • Total Carbohydrate3 g1.09%
    • Dietary Fiber0 g0%
    • Total Sugars0 g
    • Protein24 g48%