Amy Louise posing in her eatlean tshirt

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Amy has been a fan of Eatlean protein cheese for a long time now…in fact since the very beginning! Sharing images of her breakfast hashes and her signature cheesy sandwiches, Amy has now joined us as our new Slimming World Ambassador, relating to those of you who follow a Slimming World plan.

Amy has a degree in nutrition and taught nutrition in schools for 10 years.  She was also the cover girl for the famous Slimming World magazine and the face of Slimming World in 2018!  Amy has lost an amazing 11 stone following her Slimming World plan – Wowzers, what an insiration!


How do you manage to stay on plan?  What motivates you?

“I think keeping my food varied, trying new recipes and using Instagram helps keep me motivated.

Being healthy & happy is my biggest motivator. To know I can feel well, if I eat well”.


When did you first hear about Eatlean Protein Cheese?

“I actually first heard about eatlean around 5-6 years ago when I got a free sample in my musclefood order. Then again earlier this year via Instagram.  I loved the taste”!


So how does Eatlean fit into your Slimming World diet plan?  Why choose Eatlean?

“Using Eatlean allows me to get the most out of my SW healthy extras. The allowances are generous and means I can make tasty meals without having to compromise”.

And did you know Eatleaners, you can have up to 70g of protein cheese for your HexA and up to 90g of spreadable?!


What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to use both Slimming World and Eatlean to lose weight?

“Order a bundle, think of all the cheesy meals you love, make them”.


And finally, we’re dying to know what your favourite #ProteinCheese recipe is and which is your favourite Eatlean cheese?

“I think it has to be my cheesy hash brown recipe or one of many pasta bakes. The cheesier the better”!!

We couldn’t agree with you more there Amy! If you too agree with Amy then we think you’ll love our low-fat lasagne recipe!