eating breakfast as part of a work from home morning routine
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How To Get Back Into A Healthy Routine When You’re Working From Home

If you’re still working from home, it can be hard to get back into a healthy routine. For the large
Super Porridge with blueberries
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Calorie Counting & Portion Control

When it comes to changing your body composition (that’s your ratio of fat to muscle) the main thing we need
Woman Sat Meditating on a Hill
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Stress Management

Ever feel stressed? Most of us do.   Stress is now the leading cause of time off work! Knocking other
Eatlean macncheese with tomatoes and lettuce
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How To Make Meals Lower In Calories

With the government releasing their controversial new anti-obesity program the subject of diet and nutrition has been in the news
eatlean low fat high protein cheese launches in Sainsburys
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Eatlean Cheese Launches In Sainsbury’s!

Great news Eatleaners… we are now officially available in Sainsbury’s! Our Eatlean 200g block (£2.50), and 180g Grated (£2.00) can
how can fruit and veg make you look younger
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Fruit and veg: the REAL benefits of getting your 5 a day

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” – Michael Pollan.   This has to be the oldest piece of advice
Sebastian and his Eatlean Cheese
Eatleaner Stories

How Eatlean helped 1yo Sebastian put cheese back on his menu

Tell us about yourself and your son ….we understand he has a very rare metabolic protein deficiency condition meaning he
SMART goal setting table
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Goal Setting: Changing Your Habits And Lifestyle

Goal setting is probably the most important yet most overlooked aspect of changing your habits and lifestyle. Simply put, goal
Woman Sleeping in a bed
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Understanding Sleep: Practical Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Sleep: It’s something we all know that we ‘should’ do, and we may fleetingly know that there’s a recommendation made